Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bamboobies giveaway through The {Breastfeeding} Initiative **winner**

When I started breastfeeding no one ever mentioned the whole thing about there being no on or off switch to your milk. Just because your baby is not feeding doesn't mean milk will not come out. After a few little hiccups of embarrassing moments I quickly discovered breast pads. I totally wish someone had told me about Bamboobies. They are soft, cute, and practical. Who wants plastic pads when you have adorable heart shaped, ultra soft natural fibered pads that come in PINK!!!!! I am sold.

The {Breastfeeding} Initiative is hosting this giveaway, one lucky gal may have a chance to with a Bamboobies multi- pack in the multi colors.
Here is the description of what you are getting:

Bamboobies Multipack = 3 pair of Regular nursing pads + 1 pair Overnight nursing pads sold in a cute washing bag 

Just click on the link below to get all the details to the giveaway good luck!

** I tend to not post very much about The {Breastfeeding} Initiative on here being that this is more of a personal blog. I might change that being that is really is starting to be a big part of my day to day (read what I work on most when the boys are sleeping) but if you are ever curios as to how my little self publishing adventure is going please feel free to click on the side banner our Facebook it updated often. 

Natalie Cameron  you're the winner!!!! Please email us at weheartbf at gmail with your address. 

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