Monday, July 23, 2012

First paintings

We did it! Wolf was officially introduced to the world of messy art. I was a little scared about it this time around but I am so glad we did! He did try  to eat the paint but after tasting a handful of brown he was a little more hesitant although he did taste a bit of each color.  Let's hear it for non toxic paint :)
Both the boys had fun and I got to enjoy watching them while I cooked dinner. B was very intentional with his brush strokes and was actually telling me about the things he was painting. Care to take a guess at what they were?.... how did  you know, yes they were trucks, cars, and trains, although he did mention a boat. (we have been reading the story of Noah's Ark  lately) 
We all enjoyed this messy afternoon and I especially enjoyed the laughter and extra entertainment in  the kitchen. I might  just have to try this again soon. 


  1. haha I have a very similar picture of my son at that age covered in green and blue paint - a lot of which went in his mouth!

  2. HAHA! He definitely had a paint snack :) I just ordered some all natural organic paints, at least I will be a little more at ease when he shoves a handful in his mouth.