Friday, July 20, 2012

How did this happen?

Well first of all, as you can see the boys break from each other was exactly what they needed, They are good friends again.

What I am referring to by the name of this post is W. How is he getting so big? I realized it more yesterday when we were playing in the back house. I usually keep the doors open to let in a breeze and so B to run around in the backyard and come back in as much as he wanted. Typically I station myself with W either inside or on a blanket in the grass. I have never had to worry about him crawling off as he hates the texture of the grass and the paved walkway. Until yesterday he and I were sitting inside and I was reading when I looked outside to check on B there was W wanting to play with the push car too. He crawled under the table and explored the yard on his own while I (attempted to stay calm) and observe from a distance. I finally interfered when the push car game started getting a little too rough. But both the boys had a blast having that little ounce of independence to explore the backyard. You should have heard the laughter from both of them as they smashed their faces against the glass at one other. So funny!

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