Monday, June 4, 2012

Pacific Northwest Truck Museum

I took a spontaneous drive with the boys yesterday thinking I may end up at the Iris Farm but on my way there I stumbled upon the truck museum. I had heard about it before and was actually one of the options for Bear's birthday adventure. I drove past it and then thought. "Would my boys have more fun looking at flowers or trucks?" I quickly realized the answer and drove back. We were welcomed by the nicest older gentlemen and he was kind enough to let B sit in a few of the trucks and caterpillars . It was a bit overwhelming because I did not expect it to be spread out on so much land I didn't know where to start.

I will definitely be taking the boys back this time with a lunch packed to eat on the grounds and a double stroller. Both the boys had so much fun despite the impromptu visit and B didn't want to leave. I love the fact I was able to take a few of my favorite pictures of the boys to date.

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