Friday, June 29, 2012

Bear Birthday part 1

 The night before B's birthday is I decided to do the ever present on Pinterest  decorate the doorway idea. And I am so excited I did because  boy was he so excited about it. If I had just stopped there it would have been enough. It took him a few tries walking through it to realize that punching, pushing and pulling balloon was super fun but when he did those balloons didn't have a chance. Even little brother got in on the action. 
Birthday morning would not be complete without his favorite breakfast. Eggs, homemade waffles and the biggest helping of strawberries and rasberries he has ever seen. Since there was no cake on the agenda he blew out his waffle candle.  Then on to presents. He "read" his birthday card first like a polite little boy. (it helped that it had a Tonka truck on it and stickers) Then he opened his gift. His very own dump truck! He was so thrilled. We spent the rest of the morning with husband slightly weepy eyed gawking at our children adoringly and wondering where this time has gone. While the boys played until their nap time. They needed a lot of rest for our next birthday adventure. Just when B thought he couldn't get it any better. 

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