Wednesday, June 6, 2012

a blessed day

 W trying to pull himself up, while B is painting
These three pictures sum up our day yesterday. B spent over an hour painting with his monster truck  (post about that later) and W seems to want to skip crawling on all fours since he spent all day yesterday attempting so stand up on everything! He took a few falls but he just kept going, and right before dinner he accomplished it! I was pretty shocked to walk in on his big gummy smile staring up at me beaming with pride. I am so glad I was able to have my phone handy to take this picture. 
Mother hood is crazy, chaotic, and often times just plain not pretty but there are those days that take all that
 away And you are able to enjoy your kids for who they are and rest in it, the days when everything lines up
 and there are extra cuddles all around, when dinner is ready on time and laundry is caught up and you get to just be present 100% for your babies. Those days don't come as often as I like but I am learning to thank the Lord for when they do happen. These pictures may not be great but they mean so much to me.

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