Friday, June 15, 2012

Monster Truck Painting

There was too many cute pictures of this project to pick from so you got them all. We started with a different painting activity all together. It went well but B could not stop talking about trucks. So I brought out his monster truck and the results were mama having an entire hour to clean the kitchen, the living room and read while W was sleeping. It was amazing (*side note after this, our week turned upside down and sleep was something I read about but couldn't remember what it felt like) B had such a great time painting with his truck, painting his truck and finally stacking the paint bottles themselves and knocking them with his truck (they we closed tightly) It was so fun to watch his imagination go wild. Once W woke up I had him explore low mask masking tape. He liked it for about five minutes which I was impressed that he played that long. I did have to watch him to make sure he wasn't putting it in his mouth. 
What kind of activities do you do with your kids?

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