Friday, June 1, 2012

The many faces of Bear- 23 month edition

I cannot believe that my baby Bear is not so much a baby anymore. We have  hit some major milestones this month. For one, B is now forming 2-3 word sentences. Mostly "ummm... that's yummy" or "no go" (when papa leaves for work) also "OH NO!!! CRASH" followed by a lot of destruction with whatever he is playing with. He can identify most shapes and some colors.
He still loves blocks and trucks but has really taken a liking to puzzles and is pretty successful at putting them together on his own. He is a slap stick comedian to the max he will  take a fall in order to get a laugh from strangers. I think he thinks he always has an audience when we are out. He's perfecting his stink eye as seen in the last picture. That's pretty much his look whenever mama says things like "time to get your diaper changed" or "give that back to your brother." HA! He also got yet another non mama approved haircut while I was gone and is now sporting a mohawk. Despite the fact that I would not have done it myself I think he looks pretty cute. 
Yup! we will have a two year old in our home in no time. I know people say this all the time but where has the time gone? It's so strange that on one end I feel like it was just yesterday when I had him but yet I almost can't remember him being any age besides what he is now. Does that even make sense?

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