Thursday, May 31, 2012

First Trike

 I have been saying that I wanted to get a trike for B for his birthday but haven't taken the plunge to purchase it yet. While my parents were in town they took that step for us and decided that they wanted to get it as an early birthday present. My mom and I went shopping the night before while the boys were in bed so B had no idea.

Day 1. Woke up to a nice big box. Right after breakfast the boys settled down to start putting it together. B was a big helper stealing the bolts and running away with them. :) Notice that my dad is reading the instructions... amazing!

   First test run was a success! He loved it!
 Man those 10 feet of riding can get you exhausted "better carry the bike home grandpa"

Day 2 The grandparents got a little paranoid about head injuries so there was no more riding until they purchased a helmet. 
 Now he's ready to roll and having a ton of fun.

 Okay this trike thing can really suck the life out of a kid. I think you need to carry it again grandpa.
A boy and his first trike. It feels a bit like a right of passage. He has been trying to ride a little each day although we are lucky if we make it out of the driveway, but I suppose that's better than having to chase him down the street with Asher in my arms.

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