Friday, April 20, 2012

lots of field trips

As I mom of two pretty young boys I often have very little motivation to leave the house. But ironically that is the only thing that seems to be working for us to keep the day running smoothly. B seems to be getting a bit stir crazy at home and which honestly frazzles me A LOT. So yesterday when B woke up on a the wrong side of the bed my lovely husband was kind enough to recommend I keep the car and "go somewhere instead of going insane" HA! Well he was right and the day went smoothly. The boys had fun and I felt motivated enough to clean and cook as soon as we got home and the boys went down for a nap. 
Sometimes it's good to be spontaneous ( I am trying to be more so). So until teething and emotions level out a bit. My days will be a little more lax and hopefully a lot more fun for all of us. 

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