Tuesday, April 17, 2012

banging on pots and pans

Saturday's are the most challenging days of the week for us. Usually by bedtime the house is a mess and I am to the end of my rope.  That day was especially stressful as B a was a bit under the weather. I decided that instead of getting upset I gave them something new to explore and keep them entertained while I cleaned up the living room and the kitchen. Out came a few kitchen items such as wooden spoons, spatulas, whisk, muffin tins.etc. and it worked!B loved banging on all the pots and  pretending to stir food and eat it while W found his new all time favorite toy. A whisk. He could not put it down. It was so great to see them both exploring and by the time they lost interest both rooms were clean and it was time to read a few books before bed. I often forget of the sheer value of exploration of everyday items. I will definitely be pulling out more whisks on tough days :)

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