Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The many faces of Wolf: 7 month edition

this is the smile you give your brother every time you see him. It makes my heart melt
you hate sun in your eyes but hate sunglasses even more

pacifier, toy, or box? big decisions

pacifier then box... success!

This  month you have leaped on your social abilities. You definitely like to be in the mix with everyone. And boy do you let us know  if we are not giving you enough attention. You have the most high pitched scream that would give any horror movie star a run for their money. You also use the same scream when you are very happy. So be sure to assess the situation quickly before reacting. You now spend a lot more time on your tummy reaching for toys especially big brother. It's as if you know those toys with smaller pieces aren't for you and that makes you work for them that much more Overall you are a very happy boy but you do have a bit of a short fuse. (sorry I think you have mamas temper). Oh well sometimes we need a little hot headedness to make life exciting.... right?

You light up when you see your brother and I am already looking and praying of a lot of fun best friend interaction between the two of you. 


  1. Just remember that all that screaming and crying develops his vocal chords!!!!! He is very special. :) hugs.

    1. well he will certainly have very well developed vocal chords :)