Monday, April 30, 2012

the many faces of Bear- 22 month edition

Where's B? He is really good at hiding

"hello Mr. Bush nice to meet you"

Where do I begin with this little boy? At 22 month B is developed  his own opinions and ides of how his life should be. If it were up to him he would eat raisins and cheese all day never get his diaper changed and either play outside or watch Thomas the Train everyday of his life. He would also not have to share with his toys with his brother. Some of these I can kindly accommodate... play outside? ...sure ... watch Thomas?... sometimes ....skip a diaper change...NEVER!! And boy will he let me know that he is not okay with that decision. So yes strong willed would definitely be one of the adjectives I would use to describe him. But it it's not always a battle field at home there are some pretty heartwarming moments too. Like when I sneak up on him spontaneously giving his brother hugs and kisses. Or when he is willing to share he will bring W toys to play with. He has also become Papi's biggest fan. He gets a little sad when he leaves and randomly asks about him throughout the day. And when Papi does come home OH BOY is this kid excited. It is so cute to watch their bond grow like when he gets hurt he makes Papi kiss all his pretend "hurties". He loves testing his strength and trying to pick up any big item that might be  in his way.
 I have officially named us the "train table hoppers" because where ever we go that might have a train table I am 100% sure that we will be spending the majority of the time there regardless of what other things are around. His vocabulary is growing everyday and most of his words and becoming more clear. He can also identify vehicles by name, train, car, truck, bus. Who knows what other fun memories next month will bring. 

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