Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend adventure

 Last Saturday was beautiful. And despite husband working on Saturdays I wanted the boys and I to take full advantage of the day. I have to add that I am usually a homebody and going out by myself with the boys always makes me a little anxious, but I am slowly trying to be a bit more brave. So with sunhats and sunblock on we went on an adventure.
First to the Saturday farmers market downtown. It was just about the end of it so there wasn't a whole lot to see but B and I did share and mango lemonade and he got a balloon. We sat and people/dog watched and then decided to set off to our next destination.
Next we went down to the riverfront where I let B have a bit more freedom and explore the park on foot. We walked along the bank path until B got tired and sat on the sidewalk and called it quits. W fell asleep in the stroller and I carried B back to the car. By the end of that it I had some tired babies on my hands and decided to go back home for naps. 
It was just the right amount of time out for us. They came home and fell right asleep and I had just enough time to start dinner before picking up husband from work. It was a great weekend. 

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