Saturday, April 28, 2012

Water play

This weather is really making me pretty adventuress with these boys. Last week we went outside to have a little water play. I was a little sad that W missed out on the fun but he was pretty crabby that day and a nap was much needed. I re-purposed our old baby bath since neither of the boys use it now it has just been taking up space in the garage. I thought if fit the bill for a simple water activity. I through down some towels so B wouldn't get so muddy and through some toys in. 
At first we brought out our Playmobile Noah's Arc then a fly swatter. He enjoyed both but nothing beat just plain ol' splashing since it is a "no" during bath time. At first he was a little puzzled at the fact that I said nothing when he first did it. I explained that is was okay out here and he took full advantage! 
Look at that proud face in the last picture. He definitely felt successful about all that splashing.

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