Thursday, September 5, 2013

On homeschooling

^^how they felt about their first day at school^^
             ^^ don't let these pictures fool you. They were upset that I made them stop to take pictures^^

It's official. We have crossed over and started school here at home. With Bear turning three it felt like the perfect time to start something a little more structured. We have always done learning activities at home but having a bigger plan this year felt appropriate. Most importantly for me to get use to the flow and see if this is something that works for our family in the years to come.

Thinking of homeschooling for preschool was an easy decision for both husband and I. For one, we truly believe keeping our children near us in the early years of their life is beneficial, but also monetarily preschool is just plain out of our budget. Thinking of homeschooling during the core years of education is something we want to make sure works for all of us. So this stage felt even better knowing that we would all have the time to work out the kinks and see what best suites our family.

Learning through play is the back bone of the "curriculum" and a philosophy that I really love. Having the ability to get up and explore and have the boys learn through experiences is one of top priorities but of course there  will still be cheesy crafts, fun books and fun play ideas.

I look forward to sharing our progress, as well as some hurdles.And as always some fun ideas that I hope inspire you to teach your children at home as well. Here's to an exciting year ahead!

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