Thursday, September 26, 2013

family and home {art}

Since we have been on the subject of families this month we touched on the idea of homes. Where we live, what does our house look like, in our case what did our last house look like as well, who lives in our home and what are things that we do in our home
I set up this easy art idea after our morning circle time. I used a set of family shaped math sorters and
foam blocks . I set up our family and built a simple shaped house on the side. I cut out different shapes out of varies colors of construction paper. One blank sheet of paper and a glue stick was given to each of them.

With W my main objective was for him to identify our family with the sorters (which one is baby, which one is mama?...) and while gluing identify shapes and colors. With B I did all the above but also had him identify and glue the shapes he saw more intentionally. (a triangle on top of a square for the house etc.) I still allowed him to glue it on his own so it was still his own creation. The results were fun, colorful shaped art pieces that the boys are eager to talk about,  letting me know what shape is which member of our family.

While they dried we pulled out the rest of the blocks and sorters and the boys spent the rest of the morning making families and homes with them. Speaking of family, in case anyone is ever curious of what goes on while the boys are doing all this stuff. Here you go, 9 times out of 10 I am holding this baby and my camera. Check our that double chin in all its glory.

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