Friday, September 13, 2013

Easy DIY family puppets

Dramatic Play is a fun way to reinforce lessons you have taught your kids. I recently found this tutorial via  The Pink Doormat on Cardboard Finger Puppets. I loved how simple and cute these looked. The original post has you cut circles so you place your fingers through the holes to make legs. I decided  to skip  this step mainly out of impatience but also I thought popsicle sticks would be easier for little toddler hands to grab.

What you need

  • cereal box
  • colored pencils, markers, anything to color your characters 
  • scissors
  • popsicle sticks 
  • tape 
Draw and color all your characters, I used our family members. Cut out your puppets and tape the popsicle sticks to the back. Ta-da!!! Easy right? 

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