Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Being adventurous

These pictures were taken last week on my first real outing with the boys all on my own. That's right folks, three kids, three and under. Although I was nervous I am so glad I decided to do this. We had such an amazing time. The park we went to is more of an arboretum  than a traditional park, filled with old aspen trees and duck ponds. I forgot how good it feel to get out, it really helps both the boys and myself get out of the rut and explore our surroundings. I don't have to mention how much the boys like exploring right?

While there I ran into an older couple, the women noticed that I was holding both the older boys hands and wearing Hawk on my chest. She stopped and admired the boys. She went on to say that she had five children all within one or two years from each other. She gave me a pat on the back and told me  that she knew how hard it can be with them being so close during this age, and that I would survive.   She went on to say that it is so fun seeing them all grow up to be so close now. That small validation was all I needed. I don't often talk about the challenges, frankly because who really wants to know all the details but the truth is motherhood is hard no matter how many kids or how close they are. It's always hard, and it's so refreshing to see someone on the other side of it encouraging you and letting you know that you are not crazy for having "all these kids". That staying home with them counts for something and I making a difference in my boys lives by "just" getting up with them each morning. My words, my actions are making an impact on how they will view this world. Although so often I feel like that is a daunting task that I may never be ready for. I am honored to know I have been blessed with this task and will do my best to help form my children into, caring, compassionate individuals with awesome senses of humor... because really that is a must. I mean I wouldn't survive poop explosions, farts, and tackling battles without it. 

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