Monday, September 9, 2013


  Mornings come far too early in our home. Especially since this little guy stays up late and acts like.... well a baby. He gets his energy right around the time I would go to bed and usually gets upset for a while after that. Next thing I know it's the middle of the night when I finally get to bed and then just a few short hours later here comes a toddler that get's in my face and request to play games on my phone (really who  thinks of games at 6am?) . Followed soon by a younger brother who is stuck in his crib angry that he's missing the party yelling "mama get out". Yes these events are actually true.

Then  there's the morning when your husband takes pity on you and your tired eyes and takes the older boys and let's you sleep in. I woke up to this beautiful sweet baby. I forgot that he kept me up most of the night and remembered how fleeting  these days are. In the midst of the day to day with three little ones it can be hard to remember that but when I do I  try to take it in and savor it. That sweet baby smell, the fact that he likes to sleep on my chest at night  and his little sighs. It won't always be this way. Soon he'll be running around with his brothers waking up early in the morning with a ridiculous request and I will have to remember to treasure just as much. This stage in my life with all my boys will never exist again. So despite the fact that waking up is a pain I will try to treasure these day because when I actually type this up it's pretty comical and special. It's my life and I love it.

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