Sunday, September 8, 2013

Brown Bear {color of the week}

 Our first week of homeschool is under our belt and now I get to share a few of our ideas here.

Bear already knows most of his colors but little brother still hasn't mastered them just yet. So we thought a great way to tie that into our lessons would be through one of his favorite books Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?. After reading the book during circle time ( I got these class Brown Bear cutouts that I will rotate out each week to go with the color emphasized) we went over to the table and started our art project.

I wanted to show the boys and Eric Carle inspired technique.

What we used:

  • brown paper bag
  • plastic forks 
  • textured stamps 
  • brown and white paint
I added a little white paint for more of a textured look.

I put a good sized dollop of brown paint in the center of the paper and tiny amount of white in the center and let the boys go only telling them to use those tools to paint. No other directions were given. Wolf loved scratching the paint with the fork while Bear decided that he wanted his painting  "smooth" and ended up rubbing it flat with his hand.We let it dry and I later cut it into the shape of a bear. We will be using different mediums each week with each animal until we have the whole story completed and the boys will have a homemade book of their own.

And of course brown bear day ended with a brown bear snack. The original recipe is here but I skipped the cinnamon and sugar and just buttered the toast and used almond butter to stick the banana slices and raisins to it.  The boys loved it. Now to think of something to do for next weeks Red Bird theme.

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