Friday, March 8, 2013

Easter's on its way!!!

There are so many wonderful things about Spring. Flowers blooming, more sunshine and of course Easter. Although the whole lunar calendar always throws me off but never the less it is a holiday that we are so blessed to celebrate. The boys Bubbie sent over a few simple Easter story books that we have been reading together and she actually lead me to Hubbard's Cupboard. They have an awesome lesson plan for 2 year olds that ties in crafts, scripture and fun activities for the whole month. I read through it and the basis of the lesson plan sounds simple and fun while leaving a few spots that I may want to change or add on to. What's great is that most of the activities shown are either with things that you might already have in your art supplies or items that you could easily pick up at your local dollar store.

Our first activity we tried was this eraser sorting game. I picked up a couple packs of these erasers at the dollar store and pulled out a few small plastic containers for the boys to sort with. At first I placed one type of eraser in each container letting B sort out the rest. He quickly got the hang of it and did it a few more times before starting to make simple patterns on the table with them. W got the idea of sorting but not putting them in each container. After he sorted them he would place them back in one container and do it again.

I enjoyed the fact that it was a perfect dinner making game since it is easy to clean up and it kept the boys occupied for some time. Definitely something that we will be doing again through out the month.

*** p.s. in the first image you can spot Bear's sport injury on his forehead that I mentioned in this post. What a trooper. **

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