Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stained Glass Cross

 Easter is just a few weeks away and we are excited to start on some Easter specific crafts. We started with this stained glass cross project. I think the boys enjoyed the prep process before hand which involved them tearing tissue paper into small pieces. Our home looked like one giant confetti type mess by the time it was over.
 Once I gathered all the tissue paper scraps I cut the center of a piece of black construction paper into a cross. I watered down some white glue and handed  them a brush. Starting from the outside edges of the cross and working our way in layering the tissue paper on top of itself until we covered the negative space.  This was definitely a project that I helped with more than usual because they had a hard time understanding the fact that we were covering the negative space rather than the paper itself. It took a little more guidance but they enjoyed it and started getting the hang of it.
Once completely dry we hung them up on our living room window.  Make sure you keep your gluing to one side, this will keep the opposite side nice and neat for display.


  1. That's beautiful, they did such a great job too! Love all the crafts you do with them, this is something I need to work on!

    1. Thank you. **confession** This is Bear's finished project W's it's nearly as finished it has way more glue than tissue paper. :)