Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Something is Different

Can anyone spot something different about these photos? There is sunshine and the boys only have T-shirts on. YAY!!!! We  had the privilege to have the sun and a spring preview grace us with their presence over the weekend. We weren't the only ones excited. The whole neighborhood was filled with families walking, people washing their cars and the sounds of children's laughter coming from our local park. We headed to the backyard and kicked the soccer ball around as a family. I am happy to announce that Bear has officially survived his first sport induced injury, he can live to tell about it, and is sporting a pretty gnarly bruise and scrap on his forehead to prove it. He was a trooper and went on playing. Wolf skipped out on the game and turned his attention to other things like collecting rocks and pointing at "burds" (Wolf talk for birds). It was a simple weekend spent with family and friends, those are the best kind.


  1. So jealous of you guys, it looks beautiful there! It wont stop snowing here in Chicago, spring feels like it far away!

    1. You are one brave cookie I don't think I could do snow. The sunshine didn't last long it rained for a few days after. At least it was fun while it lasted.