Thursday, March 14, 2013

Laying low

I have a few posts in the making that I have yet to dedicate enough time to sit down and get them finished. I am mainly writing a quick post so when I come by and check in I don't see Bear's sad glassy eyes looking back at me. My poor little guys. This picture is only a small improvement look at those rosy cheeks and tiny eyes. I tell ya, this cold really knocked them out.

I am happy to report we are almost fully recovered, their health and my sanity. Having two kids down for the count was no easy task and I am so glad to put it past us.

 Spring is slowly starting  to stick around and we have enjoyed some warmer weather more consistently. I also realized that our neighborhood streets are all lined by cherry blossoms, there will soon be "pink mist" in the air. I can't wait.


  1. So glad your little ones are feeling better!! Yay for springtime and a street of cherry blossom trees sounds truly incredible! xo