Thursday, May 3, 2012

School Type stuff

We have taken a break from our structured "preschool homeschooling" being that we were all in a big transition. Between the two boys teething and B needing a little more out of the house activities lately I decided that there was no rush to my agenda and I would pick up the routine when the time was right.
Never the less we still do a few activities throughout the week that are a bit structured.
B has really gotten the hang of puzzles lately and he enjoys doing them over and over while I name each puzzle piece. He has also gotten a puzzle game on Papi's iPad that he loves and has mastered. It was actually a bit surprising to me that he was able to identify almost all his basic shapes.

The second thing was an idea I saw here and one day while cooking dinner I decided to give it a try. All you need is a few pipe cleaners and a colander. The objective is to have them thread the pipe cleaners through the holes which help with his hand eye coordination and well as fine motor skills. He really enjoyed it and spent a good amount of time doing it, after he still played with the pipe cleaners in different ways. Even W got in on the action although he came to the conclusion that he did NOT like the texture of them.

Also once a week We still meet in the art group so he is still getting a few structured times a week although it is not on a set curriculum. I knew that backing off from the themes for a while was good for all of us as sometimes just raising these boys is more than enough on my plate. I have been able to enjoy a few new things that I never tried with them and have become a lot more brave about going out with them on my own.
I think that this break was more for me gaining confidence with them outside the house. And I am so grateful for it.

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