Sunday, May 13, 2012


I spent the weekend in California with my family to pay our last respects to my grandmother. It was a very emotional weekend filled with a lot of tears but also a some very sweet memories shared by all. It made me not only reevaluate myself as a mother but also a daughter. I am the daughter of two very selfless people. They are the purest examples of what it means to me a good son/daughter up until the very end with both my grandmothers. It made me think " have I truly honored my mother and father to the best of my abilities?" let me stop here and explain that perfection in not what I am striving for nor am I thinking that my parents aren't proud of me because they have and always will be proud of me for simply being alive:). (I can only pray that I am able to give my children that much confidence in my love for them) but truly been there for them now in an adult relationship? Listening to them and finding out who they are aside from my parents. I feel that this weekend I attempted to do just that enjoy my parents for who they are support them in the way I know how and truly listen to them. I am so honored to know my mother not only for being my mother but for being one of the strongest people I will ever know.

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