Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Oregon Gardens

W refusing to sit down had my mama laughing so hard

Grandpa trying to convince B to go through the Hobbit hole. What a trooper.
B still not convinced

Life is back to our little routine now that my parents are gone. I am pretty sad it was so nice having family around, and the extra help with the boys and the house was worth gold! We didn't do a whole lot this visit  but we did manage to enjoy the weather one day and head out to the Oregon Gardens. Boy was it worth it! It is beautiful and the boys loved it. 
We spent the majority of our time in the children's garden while B played in the sand pit, refused to go through the Hobbit house. And of coarse was amazed at the model train area.  We walked around a little after that and ate a quick lunch before heading home to put the boys down for their naps. Perfect timing!

Like I mentioned it was really great having family around, I sometimes block out how much I actually miss them (it's easier that way) but these pictures remind me of just how lucky my kids are to have two amazing sets of grandparents in their lives. They are so loved by them all and I am so lucky to be able to capture these little memories. Now I can't wait until July when my in laws come! Even more memories to share... (and confession, I am looking forward to the help too) :)

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