Thursday, January 2, 2014

Best of 2013

It's that time of year again and once again I am oh so lucky to be participating in this year "Best of" blog hop hosted by the Kids Blogger Network where we share some of our most popular post of the year. So what was my most viewed post this year you ask.... (drum roll).....

It was my Brown Bear {Color of t he Week} post.  Who doesn't like Eric Carle and an adorable bear snack?  It was one of my personal favorites although I think dying yarn with the boys might have been my most favorite activity we did all year. What will 2014 hold for the boys and I as far as learning goes? I am excited to find out. 

 Below you'll find over 50 Kid Blogger Network members coming together for The KBN Best Of 2013 Blog Hop. We know you'll find tons of wonderful ideas to browse, pin and share. We'd love for you to join the blog hop and share your favorite activity of 2013 too, and make sure you're following the

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