Saturday, January 11, 2014


Like so many others on New Years I set out a few goals for myself. Yes the title of my post means the obvious... (because let's be honest three boys in three years can sort of change your body) but it's more than a scale, a dress size. I want to be healthy in life. Love bigger, grow in relationships.

I have been reading this book lately. Teaching ones self to be grateful for everything, training your thanksgiving more like a muscle. It has really gotten me thinking of how the mere fact that I am alive today is enough to be grateful for, tack on having three awesome little boys and a best friend for a husband well I should be over the moon. Yet often those very best things in your life start becoming a challenge lack of sleep, overwhelmed ( I have mentioned that is very easy for me) or simple disagreements can often lead to an ungrateful and kind of yucky heart. So what does this have to do with health? This year I want to really grow that thanksgiving muscle finding beauty in the mundane, enjoy simple duties more, show my boys how to love the way the Lord loves us both ourselves and our neighbors, Show them to be content (this one will be the biggest personal challenge) and really truly find love and peace in our relationship with the Lord and within our family.  
So there we go what I strive for health to look like for me and my loved ones in 2014. I am thinking of a way to bring this challenge into my blog  and really journal and challenge myself with this goal. Any ideas?

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