Friday, January 31, 2014

"swamp dig" boys at play

The sun has returned! I tell you if I wanted gloomy skies I should have stayed in Oregon. We have had two beautiful days and despite the temps still being low the boys have been eager to get outside and so have I.

 This morning I bundled them up and kicked them out (nicely of course) and soon became curious about the fact that they were playing in one tiny spot in the yard. I headed outside to see what they were looking out. Turns out there was a thin piece of ice that Bear had broken through to reveal this very muddy, kid of gross hole in the ground. At least that was my description of it. To them it was a "swamp dig" where they were fishing, and finding fossils, and identifying animals. Bear would pull out damp limp leaves with a stick and say "look mama here is a fish and there are the fins". This continued on for nearly two hours.

One tiny hole.... two hours. Gross mud... swamp dig. Sometimes "become like a child" is the hardest thing for me to do. To look at things simply, the pure beauty of just believing. This was a a swamp because that's what is was.

Life has been bringing forth changes, good ones really, and sometimes I just can't believe it that they are really happening that the Lord would really bless our family with some of our biggest desires. Am I really worthy.. good enough.. loved enough that these things could really happen? Will I actually count my blessings as they come or will I just hold my breath and wait for the next hiccup in the road and say  "see I knew it, it was just too good". I'm choosing to do the first this time. Because that REALLY was a swamp dig and these moments are really that good. Easy as that.

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