Friday, September 7, 2012

We are moving

Moving house

time to move our things

this is how he  "unpacked"

Day 2: Time for the real deal

perfect illustration of what moving looks like. Note the little girl playing 
Well, life has been a bit hectic these days.  My husband got a job offer in a city about an hour away. Things move really fast in his job so he started within  days of his job offer. The good man that he is, he has been commuting for the last week. Being from California we are no strangers to long commutes but we always said that was one of the major reasons we left California in the first place. So we are moving. We have not found the right place yet but I figured I might as well start explaining the process to the boys. Mainly Bear as he is old enough to notice the change more.

I picked up the book  Moving House (Usborne First Experiences) at a local book store as well as This book (although this one ended up being for school aged children, but still really good) . I have been reading it to the boys each day. I was also gifted a Mr. Rogers curriculum book by my MIL that talks about changes such as moving. The first activity I did was from this book although I added a few more things.

1. We talked about packing our things including our most loved items. Then I pulled out two small boxes and some toys and clothes. ( I did two types of items since I thought it was a good opportunity to have B sort)

2. He sorted and "packed" the items in he boxes.

3. Nothing like adding a little fine motor skill and having him seal the box with tap. (masking tape)

4. We put our items in the "moving truck" and moved to the new house.

5. We unpacked and later put items in the right spots

The next day I decided to apply this in full scale. I pulled out a few packing boxes in varies sizes and a lot more clothes. This time I just let them explore. They both enjoyed putting things in the boxes and pulling them out. B even told me he was "paaaack". And of course no kid can resist climbing in boxes,  it's a childhood fact.

We will continue to read these books to keep them aware of our transition. I really hope we find the right place soon. Do any of you having any moving activities? I would love to hear them.


  1. What an adventure! Your boys are adorable! Thanks for stopping by Preschool Powol Packets--I can't wait to get to know you better!

  2. Congratulations to your husband on his new job! and good luck with moving, I hope you find the perfect place for your sweet family! Also I love that your explaining this process to your boys through books and activity's, your an inspiring Mama!

  3. Thanks for this! My son will be just over 2.5 when the house we are building will complete. When we moved into our current place a year ago, he developed such a cased of seperation angexity! Its gone away over time, but the new place will be bigger than our current space. I'm hoping by following your suggestions he won't go through that again on such a grand scale.

    1. Good luck to you! Moving is stressful for us as adults I can only imagine how tough it is for little ones. I hope this might ease the transition a bit.

  4. I think it’s a smart decision to just move. After all, the kids are still young and no schooling changes have to be considered. But I really like how you put an effort to have your kids easily understand what you were about to do then. :) They might not be old enough to understand what it means to move to a new place, but I’m sure they’ll remember things about the packing and unpacking.

    Delaine ^.^

    1. Thank you for the comment. I agree that this is as good a time as any to move since they are still so little. I am sure explaining moving to older kids would be a lot harder. Crossing my fingers that my husbands job allows us to settle before we get there :)

  5. Looks like the kids are really excited to move out! They even packed their own things! And they look absolutely adorable doing it. Maybe the book made them look forward to the move out after all. Letting them know what to expect did help in making them much more comfortable with the move.


  6. I adore your kids! You can see how excited they were to move into your new house. I like the fourth picture the most. It's funny how your children had fun while packing their belongings. I like their own version of packing too. A shoebox in a mini cart. That's cute! :D

    Pedro Padro

    1. thank you. They are about to get a second chance to re-learn this lesson since we will be moving again. Better get that wagon out again.