Sunday, September 2, 2012

The many faces of Bear 26 month edition

Here are some of Bear's milestones both big and small 
  • This boy like most toddlers is a dancer. He has some pretty technical moves too such as shaking his shoulders, spinning around in circles while bobbing his head up and down often adding a few arm pumps up and down, and the popular stomping feet and and bobbing up and down. WOW!
  • he can make jokes and tell stories. Often telling me that there are monkeys outside our door. When I go and check he bursts into laughter. 
  • He enjoys pretend play more and more. He loves bringing me a pillow and blanket and telling me it's bedtime (unfortunately the game ends before I can get comfy)
  • he is enjoying longer stories too. My MIL bought us early reader chapter books to save for when they are older but he will request it for nap time. He really pays attention when I read it. 
  • he has very little interest in any other toys besides his magnetic trains and blocks. He will tell me they are "shunting the blocks" it sounds more like "Shoonts bok"
  • he loves people and will always go out of his way to say hello
I can't wait to see what new little things he will learn in the following month. 

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