Saturday, September 1, 2012

The many faces of Wolf 12 month edition

This month has been a biggie. Not only because we have hit the big ONE year old milestone but because he has learned so much. 
  • He can drink from a regular cup. Although you only can give him a sip at a time because if he gets bored he will spill the water over the edge of his highchair.
  • he experienced the beach for the first time, he also tasted sand for the first time if that is a milestone
  • he mastered eating a sandwich neatly (this is huge because Wolf and eating neatly don't go together) 
  • he tasted his first official processed sugar (birthday cake) Don't get use to it buddy you won't see it until your next birthday
  • He took his very first steps in a very memorable way. (read story HERE
  • he unwrapped his first present
  • He sailed a boat... genius I tell ya
He loves books, and pushing cars around while making engine noises but most of all he loves trying to steal brothers toys. This is probably my hardest battle of the day, all day, someone always ends up upset. Luckily there aren't hard feelings for a long time. B and W are quick to make up and be best pals again. Let's see what this month has in store for us. 

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