Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Playdough Table

working hard. This is my favorite picture 

okay well chubby baby hands poking things is pretty cute too. 
We whipped up some homemade play dough last week and had a simple fall themed play dough station.

We had:

  • plastic leaves ( I liked the cheap once with the plastic veins since you could stamp with them
  • chop sticks  Not fall related but I have a ton
  • some Styrofoam pumpkins from the dollar store 
  • mason jar lids since i didn't want to hunt for cookie cutters
  • and of course orange play dough
Despite being such a last minute idea it turned out great. Bear actually squished and kneaded the dough for the first time ever and enjoyed stamping the dough with the leaves. While Wolf walked around the table occasionally touching it and walking away. It will definitely be used again in the next few days. 

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  1. They are just so cute and they do look like they are working very hard, which is the best kind of play.

  2. They look so adorable and looks like they had fun! Awesome! :)

  3. Your boys are so adorable and look like they are having so much fun! Love this activity, your such a creative Mama!

    1. Yeah it really doesn't get more fun than play dough. I love it too:)