Friday, January 23, 2009

Rearranging Part II

Here are some more pictures of our apartment makeover. The table on top is our newest purchase once we moved stuff around we were actually able to have a bigger living room area so we decided that it would be nice to get a table that we can read and have meals for just the two of us on while enjoying the view.  
We moved the bookshelf and husbands deck to the corner next to it.
Then moved our bed and our dresser/entertainment area next to that. It's great now we can watch movies from his computer from or bed.
We didn't do much with the kitchen just push the dinner table to the corner so that we can have more walking space. We'll just pull it out when we have guest over.
And lastly my work space again the final product. All and all I think I am loving this our apartments face lift. I don't ever want to leave :)

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