Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Space, New Ideas

We rearranged our apartment today. Some of it is still in the process but I was excited to set up my craft area.  We live in a studio that has a walk in closet with no doors so we are able to make it work for us a tiny room.  We were using it as a closet/bedroom but we decided it was time for a change I got luck and not only do I have the whole space for my clothes. (sorry husband I love dresses)  but now it is also my work space.  It's coming together so well.  Above is my paint station.

This is one corner of my desk.  Both pieces of work are done by me. I'm a big John Lennon fan fyi We share the same birthday... My dad loves that :) I'm also a really big fan of Jesus and obsessed  with Catholic candles they just remind me of my mom.

These pretty things are hung right above that corner of my desk.  Print from The Black Apple, character drawing of husband and I by me.  The owl is a little gangster with his "g" bling that my friend Brian made me because I love really blingy ghetto jewelry.  (the more shiny and the bigger the better right?)
This is the final look. Still some odds and ends to clean up. I feel so inspired with this new work space.

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