Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A little bit of my history

I haven't been to Guatemala in almost 8 years and I am missing it so much. I use to spend my summers there as a little girl I have so much family that I would never know half of them and I it always felt like a giant party.  I remember watching these amazing women weaving fabrics on these big looms I loved it.  Well last night I found a little of my past tucked away in the back of  my fabric drawer.
I found this fabric that my mom bought me a few years back when she went to visit.  I've been so scared to use it because it's just too pretty to take scissors to and possibly ruin it.  I really think I would cry. But last night I felt confident I finally decided to make a simple little a line dress using a stretch cotton for the top and this lovely fabric as the bottom. I was super careful and only managed to mess up once. Luckily something easy to fix.  I'll have pictures the finished product soon I just need some elastic for the waist band and I'll be done. I am so proud of myself and it makes me really happy that every time I wear it, it'll remind me of my family and a little bit of my history and traditions.  
No one said that creativity was orderly. It looks like crafts and projects just through up on my desk. I usually can't have it look like this for too long. I think I'll clean it tomorrow.

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