Friday, January 9, 2009

Chasing the sunshine

Okay, okay so maybe I stayed up until 4 am reading about really bad celebrity gossip. That's so embarrassing to admit I promise I'm not normally like that I just got sucked in last night.

Well falling asleep so late didn't stop me this morning from noticing that the beautiful sunshine had payed us a visit. I bundled up and went out to soak it up. It was so needed. This is my first winter here in Portland and when people say it's gloomy they are not joking. Coming from SoCal is a really big change and anytime I get to spend out in the sun I'm gonna take. Even if I've only had just a few hours of sleep.

I also fell in love with my neighbor hood all over again. I had forgotten how pretty it is and how nice it is to walk around here. Thank you Sunshine!!!!!!!

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