Saturday, July 5, 2014

Birthday Bear 4 year old edition

I am a little behind on writing a birthday post for this very handsome four year old. This year he decided to challenge my love of party themes and requested a praying mantis party. I repeat praying mantis not a plain ol' bug party. "Sure buddy let me swing my the nearest party store and pick that right up for you." Luckily I have a friend that makes custom t shirts and I was able to get this tshirt made for him along with some other fun stuff for his actual party that will be later this week. This little guy, I really don't know what to say besides that I love him and feel so lucky to be his mama. But to sum up a little bit of his personality at this age here goes. My top ten things I love about 4 year old Bear
1. He is logical, there is no grey in his book only black or white.Choose your words  wisely, they may come back to bite you
2. He doesn't like try new things if he feels he won't be good at them (ie drawing) Our words go such a long way with him and his confidence. Not just praise at the end of something but assuring him that we are here and he doesn't always need to be the best, he just has to try. Teaching him that the process is sometimes worth it
3. The look of joy on his face when he actually accomplishes what he was reluctant to do. That just makes my mama heart burst
4. His weird sense of humor, sometimes typical boys stuff like the word poop but sometimes so much more that that. 
5. Leave it to my kid to have an imaginary friend who has been knighted... his name is SIR ROBERT for goodness sake.
6. The fact that Sir Robert is the one that argues about everything with me. Smart kid he can't get in trouble if he's just the middle man. 
7. Speaking of Sir Robert, one time he was acting so naughty and rude that I opened the door and told him to go home and back to his mama until he was ready to apologize to me about his behavior. Hours later Bear informed me that Sir Robert was indeed ready to apologize and spent two whole days giving me compliments after that. 
8. We don't eat fast food often, honest! But if you ask him what his favorite food is he will either say McDonald's or Red Robin. Doesn't he know that the correct answer is quinoa and kale. I would score major mom points from strangers. HA!
9.  every day he asks me for a sip of coffee, everyday I say no. He's waiting for me to crack. 

10. when I asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up he said "I want to cook, and play soccer, and play games on the computer... mama I really like a lot of things, I want to be everything" With a lump in my throat and a huge smile I told him that was the best answer a four year old could give. 

This little boy so full of curiosity and love for his family. It's been an amazing four years watching him grow and unlike the saying "I can't wait to see him grow up" I honestly CAN wait and cherish the moments and milestones as they come. 

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