Sunday, July 27, 2014

Beach Days

Back when I lived in California I lived about an hour away from the beach. I wasn't much of a beach goer and being that I NEVER thought I was moving out of California it was always nice to know that I always had the option just in case. After a year of living in a non coastal state and the Oregon Coast although beautiful just doesn't scream summer (it was always freezing when we went) it was time to take the boys to a real beach. The kind you don't have to wear a sweater or beanie to play in.

The whole family including my parents spent a morning at Bolsa Chica. Bear was instantly drawn to the water. Wolf had one big wave hit him a little to high for his liking and that was enough for him. He spent the rest of the time playing in the sand and looking for shells all while Baby Hawk sat with my mom on a blanket and dug his toes on the sand.

I don't think I will ever be a true beach bum even if we moved to a coastal state again but I was far more appreciative of our time spent there and hope to have the opportunity to go back again and make more memories. It was great to see the boys spent time with my parents, playing and being silly. Thank you mom and papa for taking such good care of us on our trip. I already can't wait to go back.

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