Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New baby right around the corner

I know that this time around on my pregnancy I am being exceptionally horrible at documenting . This baby is due about a month away and I noticed that I haven't really mentioned it on the blog. Maybe because I'm too busy being pregnant and taking care of a 13 month old. HA! That's life I guess I'm too busy living it that writting about it. Never the less we are sooooo excited for the newest member of the family to arrive.

So with that said let me tell you what pregnancy is like this time around.

We are having a boy. Name soon to be revealed

I am still craving peanut butter sandwiches like crazy this pregnancy although apples have not been as much of a hit as last time

Tart frozen yogurt? YES PLEASE!!!!

He seems way more active throughout the day. I mean I am constantly seeing my belly move. Does anyone else get a little freaked out by that too?

He has already hit his brother. HA! Not really but he does move a lot when Bear is nursing which makes him stop and look around as if saying "who did that?". I crack up every time!

We plan to have a natural birth again. Using THIS method. I am even taking a refresh course with my last instructor which is getting me excited for the process again.

I was having a major meltdown about labor again. I mean people always say that you will forget the pain by the next one. NOT TOTALLY TRUE! Although I don't remember the pain exactly I do remember the entire birth story as of it were yesterday. We were able to stick to our birth plan but still labor is... tough work. (hence the refresh courses)

We are so excited that we will have two little boys roaming our house soon.

And the best thing of all is that he will be here before all the major Holidays which makes the end of this year even more amazing.

I will try to post a little more on the pregnancy for this last month. We can't wait to meet him!!!

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