Sunday, February 14, 2010

I want to remember all this

I have no where near documented this pregnancy as much as I have wanted to. So I decided it's better late than never. So here's a few memories I want to remember!
1st trimester
we found out at 6 weeks. We had suspected we were but decided to wait until we both had the day off to find out for sure. It was raining that morning and I was just too eager to find out I snuck out of bed and took a test we had at home. It was positive I woke up husband and in his half asleep daze was excited. I didn't believe it so I bundled up and walked to the store in the rain to buy a jumbo pack of tests. I took all of them that day and they were all positive! We were so excited... later that day we found that our car was broken into. No big loss but a big mess. OH well we were having a BABY!!!

We moved back to California from Oregon at about 10 weeks pregnant. We drove straight through, which was not super fun for husband considering the fact that I was feeling exhausted and I pretty much slept straight through. (Sorry husband)

Like I mentioned before there was a whole lot of sleeping going on these days.

I never thru up but I was ALWAYS feeling like I was. I didn't eat much during that time expect for tons of these..

and some Daphene's Greek food from time to time.

I became a familiar friend with the bathroom after my bladder became my enemy.... I keep hearing it gets worse.

we got our first ultrasound and baby looked like a tad pol to me and an alien to husband.

2nd trimester
I have realized that the fact that you lose brain cells while your pregnant is completely true and it sucks. .... "what was I doing????? oh yeah, I digress" ...

week 16 I felt you move for the first time while we were on vacation in Mexico. People say that is early but I know it was you. It felt like butterflies in my belly. I just think you loved relaxing out there as much as I did.

Week 18
found out that you were a boy (daddy and I had suspected all along). We decided on a name. You seemed like quite a dancer in there.

Week 19
Got the big ultrasound that verifies the sex and lets us know that you are growing at a healthy pace. We got to see you attempt and succeed at sucking your thumb. And for the first time I was able to see your whole body. You looked comfy in there using me as a hammock you kicked a lot but refused to change complete positions,which the ultrasound tech was not to happy about.

here you are resting your hands behind your head. I don't think that I would have moved much either.

Week 20
I officially feel like I am pregnant. I swear it happened over night. I went to sleep okay woke up the next day HUGE. I feel like I have gained 20lbs. (thank God I haven't but I did gain like 3lbs that week... see it wasn't ALL in my head)

We heard your heartbeat at the doctors she asked your name and she said you must have known and liked your name because you came to the top of my belly when I said it. Your heartbeat was so strong and fast I think I could cry just thinking about it all over.

Cravings... so far
  1. Apples or anything apple cinnamon
  2. this one is a gross one. Taco bell ground meat or any overly seasoned ground meat. I try not to give into this one too much.
  3. this one might be the same sort of thing chili cheese dogs (don't worry I don't eat then all the time so please no comment on the fact that hot dogs are bad I spoke to my dr. and she said everything in moderation) I crave it a lot. I give in a little
  4. and so far the biggest craving is a good ol' PB & J sandwich. I eat them everyday for lunch and they are so yummy
  5. Jamba Juice especially the mango a go go
Well now that I have that all out of the way I will try to keep up my post so that I would have to make them all this long. I am just happy now that I have it started and I have a place to keep these memories. They won't last very long in this prego head of mine.

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