Monday, September 19, 2011

HE'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         WOLF born August 26th 5lbs 9oz 18.5 inches

Our little boy arrived 5 weeks early. Thank you Lord that he was perfectly healthy and I still managed to have natural childbirth. So despite the scariness of the fact that he was so early we really had a great delivery. So Without further ado meet the new
est member of our family.

These are a few pictures of when we got home from the hospital. We got to cut his "birthday" cake. Well maybe it was our baby shower cake from the shower that we missed because well he had just been born.

Now three weeks later and many many night of little to no sleep I am starting to feel like this is the new normal. I am starting to get use to being a mother of two.

Let me tell you a little about mister Asher. His name mean blessing and rich in life. We wanted him to always know that although he was a surprise we always felt like he was a blessing to our lives. And after the miracle of his birth and his health we knew that it was a perfect name. He is adorable, LOVES to nurse and loves to be held a whole lot more that Elliott did which husband and I are loving. :) He's just a cuddle baby. He loves his swing only second to actually being held.

More to come now I'm off to spend some time with my husband while the babies are sleeping.

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