Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hey folks remember Christmas?

 ^ ^^^ this photo says "mama I am so exhausted but just had to wake up because the anticipation was too much^^
 ^^ isn't it so cool that Santa gives out healthy treats? Almond butter, crackers, and applesauce.^^

                                                          ^^^ plaid, on plaid, on plaid, cuddles^^^

Oh yes! Nothing like posting a few Christmas photos on the last week of January. From what I remember (you know because it's been so long) we had a wonderful day. Family breakfast, loved ones, a great dinner.  We were all blessed with such incredibly thoughtful gifts, some handmade but everything from our whole family was so meticulously picked that we all felt so loved.

 We read the Christmas story the whole month of December so by the time Christmas day rolled around the boys were excited to celebrate the birth of Christ  It was lovely being able to see them act out and re-tell the story in the most beautifully simple way.

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