Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Botanical Garden

^^^^ This might be the funniest picture of the boys. Their faces crack me up. They had fun I promise^^

We had a great little outing with a few friends the other day. I have been really eager to go to the Idaho Botanical Garden and we finally made it. It totally didn't disappoint. Though I must admit that the amount of ponds, mixed with 4 running toddlers did make me a little nervous. We weren't able to stay for very long but I am already looking forward to our next visit. The boys had a great time running around with their friends and smelling all the flowers and I was dreaming about having their vegetable garden in my backyard.

We've started a little herb and veggie garden of our own and guess what? I haven't killed it. That right there shows HUGE growth in the way of maturity and responsibility. I can totally care for my boys, but plants? I killed succulents my first year of marriage for goodness sake, actually I just killed a succulent this year too. I guess that was a bad example, either way  my veggies and herbs seem to be doing just fine. Hopefully I will have some yummy homegrown, homemade salsa in no time.

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