Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Bear: Oh you know just sitting and having a chat with Santa.. no big
Wolf: hiding in the "reindeer forest"
Hawk: Christmas Story anyone.

While my MIL was here we continued last years tradition by trying Idaho's version of the Polar Express, the Santa Express. It was a total hit! Though the trip there was a little rocky (grumpy adults... what can I say we are human) we made it there and had a great time. The staff was friendly and so great with kids we were entertained by some funny elves and even got to get out of the train and visit Santa's workshop where we got to take pictures with him and Mrs. Claus on his sleigh and leave carrots for the the reindeer. On the train ride back Santa sat with us for a while and had a chat with the boys. Bear totally threw us a curve ball when he went from telling us he wanted specific Thomas trains to asking Santa for books and a "magic school bus"? (FYI he has no idea there is actually a cartoon with that name). This is definitely something we will be going back to each year.

*here's last years experience* Yay no one threw up this year! And yes Hawk fell asleep in that position and didn't even notice that Mrs. Claus held him for a little .

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