Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Bear: Asked to take a picture with his gingerbread house. Gotta love that fake smile. (note: we went grocery shopping and this is the smile he gave everyone in the store) 
Wolf: Full consentration
Hawk:  That neck just keeps getting stronger 

Still playing catch up on this challenge. I have to finish... We are so close to the end. The last week has been spent with my MIL in town and  a lot of fun adventures. Holidays always drain my blogging motivation but I like to think that sometimes it's better to live life rather than document it... right? Maybe one day I will be one of those super consistent bloggers that find that awesome balance of doing both. In the mean time I am enjoying reading Christmas stories for the 1000x to the older boys and doing anything possible to get a smile from Hawk, it's actually an easy task when I don't have my camera at hand. 

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