Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Laughs

awake during our walk
sleepy after our walk

There hasn't been a whole lot of action here in blog world. Mainly because there has been so much going on here in real world. My little Elli Bear has been pretty attached to me lately I think he might be growing because all he wants to do is eat sleep and be with mommy. Sometimes I feel like complaining. Like when you wish you could eat your meals with two hands or when all you want is like one second by yourself and it not be to use the bathroom. I just have to remember that these moments won't last forever and that sooner than I would like I will be wishing all he wanted is to stay with mommy. So there has been a whole lot of loving and cuddles going on around here these days. We have been going for walks in the evening. Thank you to who ever invented the Moby wrap it has been my hero and the best part is you can go about most activities while they sleep right next to you.
I love trumpette socks

Today was a new day though which left me so excited and full of peace. B woke up early we got ready and we went to Disneyland for the first time! Don't worry folk I did not keep him out too long. My mother in law has a season pass and got me one too as an early birthday present! (Thanks Karin!!!!) so we only went for a couple hours to walk around no rides for us. Then we went to visit my co workers at the preschool where he decided to wake up and be alert and adorable for everyone. We headed home and after he woke up I decided to try to give him his first bottle of pumped milk. ( I plan on giving him one a day so he can get use to it by the time I work again) and guess what??? He took it with no fuss and ate 3oz. I was a proud momma.
But without a doubt the highlight of my day came when we were doing music time. I sang Ol' McDonald with these little finger puppets of each animal and went through the names of each animal in Spanish, English and sign when I got to "cow" he started laughing. Every time I made the sign for cow he would laugh. I cannot describe how amazing that moment was to me. It melted me heart. If I can get laughs like that from him I promise I'll carry him around until he's 30. :)

first smile at mommy