Wednesday, February 17, 2010

week 21

Baby has been moving a lot, later in the evening. You still can't feel it from the outside so it still feels like butterflies. It makes me look a little crazy when I get excited and giggle to myself. My hormones are finally kicking in. I keep hearing these crazy emotional stories from women while they were pregnant, and I just could not relate. Until NOW. This week I've been a bit of an emotional wreck crying, getting angry quickly. Which as a result has not been the best week for the family either. Ooops.
On a better note husband and I actually did something for valentines day. (we never do but it just happened to fall on a perfect date day) We rode the train from our house to Downtown LA. Olvera St. to be exact. We ate at my favorite Mexican restaurant that my family and I have been going to since I was little. Then we walked over to Little Tokyo to enjoy some mochi and window shopping. I actually got treated to a few awesome gifts while there.

The latest issue of my favorite Japanese Mag... it even came with a free gift inside.
And two bento egg molds. I haven't used them yet. I'm sure they will be adorable. All and all I felt like a pretty lucky lady that day, and everyday for that matter, (at least when I'm not on a hormonal rampage) Not much else to report. Let see what week 22 will look like.

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